Monday, 6 March 2017

What motives us?

We watched a clip that shows us how one man's kindness makes a difference to many. He is not rewarded or motivated by money but by love.
We discussed how we can pay it forward and help others.
This might be a good topic to talk about over the dinner table. Do we help others enough? What do we do to make a difference to others or the environment?

Sunday, 5 March 2017


We watched this clip and discussed who Malala is and how she is an inspirational leader.
66 million girls are deprived of education and Malala is their voice. This could be a video to watch and discuss as a family (R13). Malala is a book that I am planning to read in our class later on in the year.

Everybody in our class believe all children have a right to education but many did not know that  some children have to work from a very young age.

Models - photoshopped

Week 5 discussion
We have been discussing how media can manipulate what we think.
Today we discussed how models are photo shopped to be impossibly beautiful.
Questions:What is beautiful? What do other cultures find beautiful? Are most adverts photo shopped?

We watched a video showing how a model is transformed. This is from the Dove Self Esteem web site which is a good site for parents to share with their children, especially girls.

Media Bias

On Mondays we have discussions on various topics.

Week 4 We discussed Media Bias. Our view depends on which photo we have been presented. Opinions changed after we saw the three options. This led to great discussion about media and who we should trust and how media can influence our thinking.